Needle Extenders

  • Disposable Needle Extenders - 3

    Disposable Needle Extenders – 3″

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    3″ Sterile Disposable Needle Extender with Plastic Luer-Lock Adapter – Box of 10
    Trans Africa Medicals’sĀ® Sterile Disposable Needle Extender is used to extend the overall length of reach for a particular needled. The extender is attached to the syringe and the needle is then connected to the extender, providing a needle that can access sites that standard needles may not reach. A Luer Lock adapter ensures a secure fit and that no fluid leaks at any of the connections. The needle extender provides a cost beneficial option to obtain a longer needle, whereas speciality needles would be more costly. This product is a 3″ extender and is sold in boxes of 10.
  • Needle Extender - 3

    Needle Extender – 3″

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    3″ Needle Extender, Reusable, with Luer-Lock Adapter – Each Sold Separately